Contacting Us

When calling or emailing us always quote your Sky Viewing Card number. This is the quickest way for us to access your account.

If you have a viewing issue then it is important to tell us the on screen message. This helps us get the correct signals sent to your box.

On screen message could be one of the following;

Call to upgrade: This usually means there is an outstanding balance on your account. Please have your credit or debit card ready to give us to pay any outstanding balance.

Wrong Card For Set Top Box: This can mean one of 2 things.

1 The card is not paired to the box. In this case you would only get this message on the Sports and Movies pack. The other channels like Sky One, Sky Atlantic would be OK. We will need your box details to contact Sky and get the card paired to the box.

2 The box has been left unplugged or the card has been out of the box for an extended period. In this case all of your pay channels will have the on screen message. The free channels such as BBC, ITV etc are unaffected. If you leave the box on with the viewing card in the box the viewing should be automatically restored within 24 hours. If that doesn’t solve the problem contact us with your box details.

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