I only have 1 cable from my dish

If you only have one satellite connection from your satellite dish to your Sky+HD box, you will need to activate single feed mode. Please ensure the dish input cable is connected to Dish Input 1 at the back of your Sky+HD box and that no recordings are currently in progress before following the steps below.

Press Services 0,0,1, Select
Highlight Single Feed Mode using the down arrow button.
Toggle the setting to ON using the left/right arrows.
Press the green button to save your changes.
You will see a warning message “Single Feed Mode – Caution. This will take a few minutes to complete. Pressing select will reboot your Sky+, and current recordings will be stopped. It will then mean you can only record one programme at a time; and anytime will be unavailable. Press select to continue or back up to cancel.”
Press select to reboot your Sky+HD box.

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