Sky+ HD Box stuck in Standby


First, try a full power reset to the box to see if this will fix the issue, you may also wish to try restoring the software onto the box by following the steps below:


1. Power the box off at the mains power supply.

3. Locate the backup button on the front/top of the box.

4. Press and hold in the Backup button, and while doing this switch the box back on at the mains supply.

5. Continue to hold the Backup button after you have powered on, you should see within 60 seconds 3 more lights come on the front of the box? At this stage you can release the Backup button.

6. If you have 4 lights lit, it means the box is going through the forced download procedure. Leave for 15 minutes then try to see if your Issue is resolved.


If that fails then the next step will be a front panel reset (This will reformat the hard drive losing all saved recordings):


1. Power the box off at the mains power supply.

2. Locate the left and right arrow buttons either side of the select button on the front/top of the box.

3. Press and hold both the left and right arrow buttons in together, and while holding power the box back on and continue to hold the buttons after the red light comes back on.

4. Continue to hold the buttons, you should see within 60 seconds, the blue/green circle light in the centre of the box light up a full circle.

5. Let go the buttons then press select button on the box twice.

6. You should see the blue/green circle light moving anti-clockwise and the record and play lights in the centre flashing on/off.

7. Once the lights go off, the box will have rebooted and you will now only have the red standby light lit on the box.

8. If you can now wait 3 minutes before switching the box back on from standby to see if the fault has resolved

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