The Sky packages are as follows.

The Original Bundle (Formerly The Entertainment Pack)

The Variety Bundle (Formerly The Entertainment Extra Pack)

The Family Bundle (Formerly The Entertainment Extra Plus Pack)



You must select either The Original Bundle, The Variety Bundle or The Family Bundle and then add Sports and/or Movies. You cannot have Sports or Movies on their own.


The original Bundle is £22.00 a month/ ROI price €25

The Variety Bundle is £28.00 a month/ ROI Price €33

The Family Bundle is £33.00 a month/

Add Sports only, £24.50 a month/ROI €34

Add Movies only, £16.50 a month/ROI price €28

Add Sports and Movies £30 a month/ ROI price €43

Add Sports/Movies HD  £10.25 a month/ROI price €15

Add Sports/Movies HD when you already have The Family Bundle £5.25

Please note there is £0.50 charge per month for paying by credit/debit card instead of Direct Debit.

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