What is VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online service that encrypts your online data to make sure nobody can monitor or steal it, and which also hides your real IP address to help you bypass geo-blocks.

It's a network technology that creates a secure connection over the Internet. It’s safe because when you are using it you connect to a server run by a VPN provider. This way all data traveling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted so that only you can see it. It’s like having a secret and safe passage between computers or between a user and Internet.

So what is VPN good for? To protect you from hackers, to protect your online privacy and anonymity, because through a VPN server your IP becomes hidden so nobody can track your activity, to bypass censorship, restrictions or geo-blocks and so on. Basically you get an unrestricted, safe and private Internet. 

VPN is a sure passage to enjoy Internet without any restriction and in complete privacy. By using a VPN connection you can keep hackers at a distance, you can forget about being watched by your ISP, you can stop worrying about surveillance or censorship from your government, place of work or school, you can feel free to access any website you like without geographical restrictions and so on. It’s your personal free pass to the Internet you need, not the Internet others want you to use.

How VPN works?

A VPN works by encapsulating and encrypting all information that comes and goes from your device through a gateway protocol for internet traffic and then routed through servers from different countries. The main purpose of this mechanism is to stop any third party to read or steal data from your online activity, but also to ensure online anonymity, bypass geo-blocking and avoid censorship. The procedure is efficient because the traffic is encrypted. The ESP has unique instructions regarding the way information is encoded and, after reaches destination, decoded, so nobody else except the VPN server and VPN user can read it. Essentially all the information that you access or you send from your device goes, for security reasons, through an encryption procedure. Besides that VPN will hide your IP address and change it instead with the VPN server’s IP address and location, so nobody could track you.



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